Faerie Workshops

Faerie Workshops and Faerie Seeking

I have been in daily contact with the faerie world for many years. Due to the environmental degradation occurring so rapidly in our world, some faeries have become more willing to make contact with humans, especially those humans who care about and honor Mother Earth and her children. In addition, some faeries have determined that it is time to take a more active role in helping to end the environmental destruction of Mother Earth.  These faeries plan to begin making their presence known in an effort to bring change.

In addition to workshops, you can also learn more about faeries from the Avalon Grove website, my books, and my blog, The Celtic Owl.

I offer faerie workshops to help you learn about faeries and also to assist you in discovering more about individual faeries who may live on or near your own property. If you don’t own property, but frequently visit a local park or natural area, you might consider scheduling a workshop there, so that you can learn about the faeries who spend time in the same natural area as you do.

Workshop topics include:

  • How our physical world is intertwined with the faerie world
  • Descriptions of some of the many types of faeries encountered over the years
  • Best places to look for faeries
  • How to begin a relationship with a faery
  • Travel on a faerie spirit journey
  • Learn about some of the faeries on your own property or in the natural area where you spend time
  • Possibly meet some of your local faeries if they are willing

If there are other faerie-related topics you would like to explore during a workshop, please let me know beforehand, and I will try to accommodate your request.  At the time you schedule the workshop or shortly thereafter, please let me know the number of adults and the number of children (and their ages) who will attend the workshop, so that I can plan the subject matter based on the age range in attendance.

Please note that I cannot guarantee you will see faeries at a workshop. Some people do see them, while others might see flashes of light or feel energy. I can tell you, however, that faeries do attend each and every workshop, even if you don’t see them with your physical eyes.


$90 for up to 6 attendees for a 1½ hour faerie workshop at your selected location

$120 for up to 12 attendees for a 1½ hour faerie workshop at your selected location

For larger workshops or seminars, please request a quote.

Travel Time and Mileage

Travel time and mileage charges are included in the above rates for locations up to 25 miles from Weaverville, NC.  Please contact me for travel rates for locations more than 25 miles away.

Scheduling and Payment

To schedule a faerie workshop, please contact me.  After you have scheduled your workshop, please submit payment below to confirm your timeslot.  Click the dropdown arrow under Faerie Workshops below and select your option.  If the services you have scheduled are not shown there, I will email you a payment link.

Faerie Workshops