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David Swing - Faerie Seer, Psychic, Intuitive, Past Life Readings

My name is David, also known as Merlin or the Celtic Owl. I am a faerie seer whose home lies nestled within a cove in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, which allows me to see, hear, and speak with faeries, angels, devas, spirits and other non-physical beings.

I have been in contact with faeries for many years and am the author of two books about faeries, Gnomes in the Garden and The Celtic Owl, available through and other retailers.

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More about the Author

David Swing - Faerie Seer, Psychic, Intuitive, Past Life Readings

My intuitive abilities appeared when I was still a young boy. At that time my bedroom was located in the basement of a very haunted house in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The windows were half buried in the earth, and so many spirits visited me at night that I could barely sleep at all. They knew I could see and hear them, so they wanted to talk to me and ask me to pass along messages. They weren’t particularly polite ghosts, so they would all try to talk at the same time. As a young boy, I was incapable of passing along their messages to anyone who would have listened, so I would often escape from my room and roam the prairie beneath the night sky to avoid their constant company.

It was at that very difficult time in my life that a group of faeries first began to make themselves known to me in an effort to help me deal with the many ghostly visitors. After a particularly frightening ghostly visitation, I somehow managed to shut down my psychic abilities so much that I was able to block out the spirits, but in so doing, I also lost contact with my faerie companions.

Some years after I met and married my wife, Carol (also known as Lili), I began to open up to the world of spirit once more, and that is when these fair folk again made themselves known to me. These same members of the Celtic faerie tribes have been with me now for many years and continue to help me grow spiritually. They refer to me as Merlin, and I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

Gnome Elder

Here is my wife’s drawing of one of the female gnome elders.  Since gnomes typically live for thousands and thousands of years, a gnome elder is one who has gained much wisdom over a very long period of time. You can read more about faeries at our Avalon Grove website.